Red Origin Andes Beer, Pack of 6, 2.8 L

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Andes Origen is a Mendoza beer. It is recommended to serve in a glass. It is made with meltwater from the mountains and pure roasted malt over low heat, offering distinctive colors and textures. 

Red Andes

The Andes Origen Roja a is a beer that has a dry finish and a slight acidity that make it very versatile. It is a Vienna Lager style beer, its aroma of soft caramel and light hops achieve a perfect balance. The Andes origin Red, copper amber color, is a delightful beer. Ideal to accompany fish or red meat, made with fresh or grilled vegetables. Pasta, either with or without filling, with mild tomato sauces or with a touch of cream. Apple or pear crumble.

Andes Origin rescues the pleasure of the moment. A beer designed for those who value their free time, for those who enjoy the little moments of life. The ideal option for those who want to pamper themselves.