Andes Origin Blonde Beer, Pack of 6, 2.8 L

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Andes Origen is a Mendoza beer. It is recommended to serve in a glass. It is made with meltwater from the mountains and pure roasted malt over low heat, offering distinctive colors and textures. There is a blonde, a red and a black.

Andes Blonde

 The Andes Origen Rubia is an American pilsner style beer, a Blonde with a full body and malty character. Slight aroma of hops, cereal and touch of yeast. It should be served in a glass to better appreciate its aromas and thus highlight its bright golden color. The Andes Origen Rubia is a delightful beer, but refreshing at the same time. It goes well with pork or red meat made with flavored sauces, spicy dressings such as mustard, soft honey and thyme or rosemary herbs.

Andes Origin rescues the pleasure of the moment. A beer designed for those who value their free time, for those who enjoy the little moments of life. The ideal option for those who want to pamper themselves.